VPN For Business

VPN Solution as a Service with both Cloud and On-Premise deployments. We provide a completely automated way to get your business VPN up and running with no specialized skills.


Why UTunnel VPN is the Best For Your Business

UTunnel VPN brings in everything a Business VPN service needs. You can focus on your business while we take care of providing you with best in class VPN services.


Cloud VPN Server

Create and start using a cloud VPN server in minutes. Select a package and get started immediately with available integrations to popular cloud providers. No manual intervention needed for any setup.


On-Premise VPN Server

Unable to use a cloud provider or want to use your on-premise server or even use your own account in the cloud? Our on-premise option allows you to bring your own server and still use our VPN service.


Scalable VPN Solution

Stuck with a VPN appliance but need to scale for more VPN usage or need a scalable VPN solution? Our VPN Cloud solution allows you to scale to any limit with minimal disruptions to your service.

No Technical Skills Required

We make the provisioning process simple as clicking a few buttons, you don’t need any technical expertise to setup and start using our VPN Solution.

Super Simple User Management

Get complete control on who can use and manage your VPN service with our intuitive UI available for user management and lots more.

Easy SSO Integration

We support SSO Integrations with Azure AD, G-Suite, Okta and OneLogin, making it easier for you to manage user accounts and permissions.

Two Factor Authentication

You can easily enable Two factor authentication with any TOTP based client application or enable OTP via email, allowing for more secure logins.

Stats and Logs

We don’t enable any logs by default, but we want you to have control on deciding what you want to log, so we have a feature for stats and logs.

Expert Technical Support

Our expert technical staff is here to assist you all the way, including configurations for your custom setup. We also have tons of documentation for self-help.

Configurable Subnets

We provide you with the advanced feature of modifying the subnet specific for a VPN protocol, aligning better with your organization’s needs.

Custom Routes

In a complex network setup like a VPC, you may need to update or modify the routing table on the VPN Server. We allow you to do this easily from our dashboard.

Split Routing

The Split Routing feature allows user traffic to be split across the VPN tunnel, allowing non-business related traffic over the public internet.

Custom DNS Servers

Increase security even further by using your own DNS servers instead of the default, so that you can rest assured no one is snooping on your DNS queries.

DNS Filtering

Want to filter out domains which have poor reputation? You can enable DNS filters to block such sites. You can even whitelist sites which you think are genuine.

TLD Filtering

Top Level Domain filter extends the functionality of the DNS filter and blocks all domains on a TLD. For example, you can deny access to a country based TLD.

Country-wise Filtering

You can easily block traffic to specific countries using the dashboard, allowing you to protect users from visiting servers in countries unrelated to your business.