VPN Server in AWS

Extend your VPC to allow connections for your remote users. Setup and Manage a VPN in AWS quickly and easily, not only extending your VPC, but also ensuring best in class security end to end.


Best for Roaming and Site-to-Site VPN Use Cases

UTunnel VPN helps you establish secure connections between your data center networks, branch offices, remote/home users, and your AWS VPC. You can easily deploy Site-to-Site or Roaming VPN at lower and predictable costs. Multiplatform client apps available for end users to get connected quickly.

Ease of Setup

With the registration token available with your UTunnel subscription, you can setup a server in AWS and deploy the VPN Software Suite. Your VPN will be ready in just 3 commands.

Simplified Billing

No complicated billing process to worry about. You pay for only the VPN accounts you create and maintain in the VPN software, making costs highly predictable.

Scalable VPN

The AWS server you own can be scaled as per your needs and additional users can be added to the VPN Software allowing unlimited scaling for your VPN Infra.

Why UTunnel VPN is the Best for your Business

UTunnel gives you complete control of your VPN and comes with all the features to seamlessly manage the network.

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