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Innovative VPN Solution to Empower Teams

Deploy in Minutes

Our cloud VPN solution takes away the complexities of setting up your own VPN server and allows you to spin it up in minutes.

Manage Like a Pro

Once your VPN is set up, you can seamlessly manage your team and their network access with UTunnel’s easy-to-use web console.

Secure Your Network

UTunnel VPN provides an extra degree of protection to your business network, allowing employees to securely connect from anywhere.

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Secure Application Access with Zero Trust Principles

Deploy your UTunnel server on your VPC or on-premise network and enable secure single-click access to the applications using UTunnel’s OneClick Access solution.

Zero Trust Access Controls

Our Zero Trust powered network access solution authenticates users based on granular access control policies before being granted with least privilege access to resources.

Reduced Lateral Movement Risk

Zero Trust Access segments the users’ access within your network infra reducing attack surfaces and lateral movement of threats, offering improved safety than a regular VPN setup.

Cross Platform Client-less Access

Once your setup OneClick Access to your applications with UTunnel, users can easily access them from any device using a web-browser without needing to connect to a VPN server.


Why Setup Your Dedicated VPN Server with UTunnel

There are more than a few good reasons why you should be setting up your own VPN, whether for business or personal use. Our VPN solution fits right in for most use cases and lets you deploy your own VPN gateway in a matter of minutes.

why setup a vpn for business


With work shifting away from offices and increasing network security breaches, setting up a business VPN is now a necessity for today’s SMBs.

  • Enables secure Remote Access for employees
  • An added layer of protection from cyber threats
  • Better control over the business network
  • Monitor user logins on the network
  • Easy user management with Single Sign-On
  • Interconnect networks with site-to-site VPN
why setup a vpn for family or personal use

Personal Users

You no longer need to use public VPN servers shared among total strangers on the internet, if you have your own personal VPN server.

  • Better privacy compared to public VPN servers
  • Exclusive VPN Network for Family/Friends
  • A private IP address for your cloud VPN server
  • Easy set up of a VPN server at Home
  • Good network speeds for gaming servers
  • Protection for your home loT devices

Step up Your Cyber Safety With UTunnel VPN

Data safety is a top priority for businesses as well as personal users. Requirements might vary, but UTunnel VPN provides a truly flexible and highly secure solution that suits everyone’s needs.

Highly Secure Encryption

Secure your sensitive business and private data transferred over the internet with secure 256-bit AES encryption.

Secure Access Control

Increased security with support for Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Team-Based Access Control.

Your Own VPN Server

With your own dedicated VPN server which you only manage, you can stay away from shared public VPN servers.

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Where to Set Up Your UTunnel VPN Server

UTunnel offers you great flexibility in terms of server deployment options. You can choose your preferred option based on your specific requirements.

Integrated Cloud Providers

The easiest way to set up your UTunnel VPN server on the cloud is with one of our partner cloud providers. With this option, your VPN server deployment takes just a few clicks. All you need to do is to select your cloud provider, server location, and server type in our web dashboard.

We have integrations with popular cloud providers such as DigitalOcean, Linode, UpCloud, Hetzner, Vultr, Kamatera and Exoscale providing you with ample choice of more than 30 locations spread across the globe to create your cloud VPN server.

setup your own cloud vpn with cloud providers setup your own cloud vpn with cloud providers in selected locations
easily-setup your on-premise vpn server easily-setup your on-premise vpn server at our premises

Bring Your Own Server (BYOS)

Now, if you want to run your VPN server software on a cloud instance in your own account with a cloud provider, or on your own hardware located at your premises, we have still got you covered. In this case too, the whole setup can be done in less than 5 minutes, with just a few clicks and 4 simple commands.

This option gives you the flexibility to use any cloud provider, like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, etc. to name a few, and provides unlimited server location options based on your choice of the cloud provider.


What Makes UTunnel a Versatile VPN Solution

We have engineered one of the simplest, easy-to-use VPN server solutions in the market to set up your own dedicated VPN server.

Do It Yourself

Waiting for assistance is tiring and so we have designed UTunnel VPN with you in mind. Anyone with minimal or no technical knowledge can create a VPN server.

Software-Defined VPN

No more hard-to-scale, expensive VPN hardware is required. We provide a flexible solution that could set up your VPN in minutes with minimal configuration.

Globally Available

Our partner cloud providers let you deploy VPN servers at 30+ locations worldwide. Plus, you can bring your own cloud server located anywhere around the globe.

Best-In-Class Features

UTunnel offers a host of advanced features like 2-factor authentication, built-in DNS and firewall, split tunneling, etc. that makes it a comprehensive VPN solution.

Effortless On-Premise Setup

We have cut down the complexities of setting up and managing an on-premise VPN server. You no longer need to use the command line after the initial setup.

Expert Technical Support

Do you need assistance? Don’t worry. Our technical experts will help with all your queries and make sure you have a seamless experience with UTunnel VPN.

connect to vpn to securely access your network from anywhere

Secure Network Access Wherever You Are

With data breaches and network snooping becoming so commonplace nowadays, network security is an important matter of concern. Setting up your own VPN is one way to significantly reduce the risk of such security breaches and allows you to safely access your private network wherever you are.

UTunnel provides VPN client applications for all major operating systems enabling you to effectively protect all devices on your network.


Know More on How UTunnel’s Cloud VPN Service Works

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