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Our business VPN solution uses best-in-class technologies and 256-bit encryption to ensure that the traffic between you and the business resources is secure. Find out more on what makes UTunnel the best business VPN software solution.

Expert Assistance When You Need It

Our support team is standing by to help if you need any assistance with your cloud or on-premise VPN deployment.

Transparent and Predictable Pricing

Know your exact spending with our transparent pricing plans. Also, our monthly plans are flexible allowing you to cancel anytime.

Easy and Instant Deployment

Don’t spend hours configuring your own VPN setup. Our easy-to-follow instructions help spin up your own VPN server in minutes, not days.

Features Made for Business

Business-centric features like site-to-site connectivity, Centralized Management, 2F Authentication, SSO, Split routing, and External DNS.

Bring Your Own Server (BYOS)

You can use your own servers for setting up your business VPN server, whether it be in AWS, GCP, Azure, etc., or a server at your premise.


Bring Out the Best of Business VPN With Zero Trust Access

Coupling your business VPN with Zero Trust security using UTunnel's OneClick access solution can further enhance the safety of your business network.

Automated personal vpn deployment
Simplified Remote Access

Business VPN combined with zero trust access provides single-click, secure remote access to apps and servers (HTTP/HTTPS, SSH & RDP) solely to privileged users.

Automated personal vpn deployment
Multi-Platform Support

As a cloud-native zero-trust access solution, OneClick access facilitates smooth, clientless access to business applications from any platform via a web browser.

Automated personal vpn deployment
Granular Access Control

Access control policies for OneClick business applications offer network admins granular control over user access to applications based on pre-defined criteria.

Automated personal vpn deployment
Prevent Lateral Movements

As zero trust technology enforces micro-segmentation of the network into secure zones, it greatly reduces the attack surface and unwanted lateral movements.


How to Set Up Your Business VPN Server

Follow these quick and easy steps to deploy your UTunnel VPN server:


Sign up for an organization account with us, log in to your UTunnel web application dashboard and click on the Create Server button.


Select the server type (Cloud or On-Premise) and the number of users based on your requirements, and then complete the payment.


If you chose the On-Premise option (BYOS), you need to connect to your server via SSH, run a few commands, and register the server.


Invite users to your server and whitelist the server IP to set up controlled resource access. Use our client apps to connect to the VPN.


Essential VPN Features Tailored for Your Business

UTunnel provides a versatile solution that gives you complete control of your business VPN network. It comes with numerous business-centric features enabling you to seamlessly manage your VPN and its users.

End-To-End Encryption

To protect your sensitive inbound and outbound business network traffic from unauthorized access, we employ secure, industry-standard 256-bit encryption.

Centralized Management

Manage different teams, team members, and their network access privileges on your business VPN network from UTunnel’s easy-to-use web console.

Site-To-Site Connectivity

Our simplified site-to-site VPN functionality enables seamless resource sharing and communication between your company network and branch offices.

Secure Remote Access

Using UTunnel VPN client apps, your employees can connect to your remote access VPN to securely access your business network resources when working remotely.


Why Do Businesses Need a VPN?

how business vpn connects different company offices

Today’s businesses support flexible working arrangements where employees work remotely from home and other places of convenience while they are traveling.

They would need secure access to private resources like ERP, HRMS systems, or other business applications.

You might have secured access to such systems with password protection already. However, keeping internal or private IT applications and servers accessible from the public internet is a huge risk. Using a VPN to restrict external access adds an additional layer of security to your resources.

Another important aspect of your business that needs protection is your sensitive business data. A VPN ensures that your business data is encrypted and protected while getting transferred over the Internet.

A VPN helps to limit access to business network resources and tools only to known sources thus significantly reducing your cyberattack surface.


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Business VPN : Frequently Asked Questions

A business VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a network infrastructure designed specifically for the needs of businesses and organizations. It allows for secure and private communication over the internet, enabling remote employees or branch offices to access company resources securely. A business VPN creates encrypted connections between devices, ensuring that data transmitted over the network remains private and protected from unauthorized access.
Whether or not you need a business VPN depends on your specific requirements and security concerns. A business VPN is highly recommended for organizations that have remote or mobile employees who need secure access to company resources. It is also beneficial for businesses that handle sensitive data, require secure communication between branch offices, or want to protect against cyber threats.
A business VPN works by establishing encrypted connections between remote devices and the organization's network infrastructure. When a user connects to a business VPN, their internet traffic is routed through a secure tunnel, encrypting the data and protecting it from unauthorized access. This ensures that sensitive information remains secure while being transmitted over public networks. Business VPNs typically employ encryption protocols and authentication methods to ensure data privacy and secure access to company resources.
Personal VPNs are primarily designed for individual privacy and security while browsing the internet. They aim to protect personal data, enhance online anonymity, and bypass geo-restrictions. In contrast, business VPN solutions are tailored specifically for organizations to establish secure and private connections for business operations and communications. Business VPN solutions often come with centralized management features that allow administrators to control and monitor the network. This includes user access management, authentication methods, security policies, and monitoring of network traffic. Consumer-grade VPNs lack these centralized management capabilities.
Setting up a VPN connection for your company's network is a breeze with UTunnel. You can control who has access to your business resources by deploying a dedicated VPN server and using IP whitelisting.
There are remote-access VPNs and site-to-site VPNs being used for specific business scenarios. UTunnel has both capabilities making it a versatile VPN solution.
If you go the traditional route, quite long! But, with UTunnel VPN, it takes less than 3 minutes to deploy and start using your business VPN. You don't even need technical expertise to set up your business VPN with our service. You just have to sign up with us, create your VPN server and then add your employees to your VPN from UTunnel's simple web dashboard.
Data breaches are becoming more common as the world has quickly transitioned into the digital era. It's every company's responsibility to ensure the privacy and security of both their employees and business resources. A business VPN helps add that extra safety net to your company network.
When searching for an ideal business VPN, your top priority should be to protect your company's network and sensitive data. Then think about the features you'll need to manage your VPN easily, such as team management, 2-factor authentication, and site-to-site connectivity, to name a few. With its all-in-one VPN solution, UTunnel checks all the boxes.

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