On-Premise VPN Server

With our On-Premise option, you can bring in your own server. The server can be at your premise or use your account with a cloud provider. All done with just a few commands.


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On-premise VPN server solution

On-Premise or in your Cloud, you can use your own server

A simple onboarding process gets your own server ready for use as a VPN server. You get complete control and peace of mind knowing that data and connectivity are under your total control. You can view all kinds of stats and manage users and sessions along with logs. All available to you on an easy to use integrated dashboard with a wealth of information.

Out of the box, ready for use

Don't have an admin or technical expertise? Don't sweat. We have it all figured out for you. We give you the few commands you need to run and you can get started quickly.

Server at your Home or Office.

Your server, your way. UTunnel gives you the flexibility to onboard your own server as a VPN server, be it for home or office use, assuring privacy out of the box.

You are in Control

With your own server, you expect full control, and that's what you get with the on-premise option. You manage the server, users, permissions, and other VPN features.

Easy access to Internal Network

The on-premise option gives you the convenience of extending your home or office network to access resources while you are traveling or are at a remote location.

No compromise on Security and Features

You don't need to compromise on security or features while using your own server. We have you covered.

We help you Get Up and Running

We have an automated server deployment process. But if you need help, our team is ready to assist you.

How To Deploy On-Premise Server

A quick summary of On-Premise VPN server setup

Login to UTunnel dashboard and click on Create Server button to create a new server.
Next, you need to select the On-Premise option, name your server and enter your server IP address.
A server registration token will be available once the payment is done.
Login to your server via SSH and complete the server registration using the token available on the dashboard.

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