Single-Click Resource Access With ZTAA Solution

UTunnel’s robust zero-trust application access solution - OneClick Access, facilitates web browser-based secure resource access with a single click, without requiring you to connect to a VPN. Designed as a step ahead of legacy VPN-based resource access solutions, OneClick Access provides segmented, least-privileged access to HTTP/HTTPS, RDP, or SSH applications on the business network.

Our ZTAA access solution is easy to set up and configure with minimal technical knowledge.

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Flexible and Easy-to-Setup Business VPN Solution

UTunnel’s business VPN solution empowers your organization by strengthening your network security while providing optimum protection for your remote employees. You can also set up resource sharing and interconnectivity between your branch offices using site-to-site VPN.

Our solution offers numerous business-centric features which ensure that you can administer your VPN and its users with ease.

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Cloud VPN as a Service That Is Secure and Smart

UTunnel provides a fully-integrated cloud VPN solution that lets you easily set up a dedicated VPN server at 30+ locations across the globe. VPN Server deployment is fully automated as we have integrations with popular cloud providers like DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, UpCloud, and Hetzner.

Our Cloud VPN as a Service offers one of the easiest methods to set up your cloud VPN servers with minimal technical knowledge and without maintaining multiple cloud provider accounts.

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Simplified On-Premise VPN Server Deployment

If you think a cloud VPN server is not the right option for you due to company policy or any other considerations, we’ve still got you covered. UTunnel’s on-premise VPN option lets you deploy your VPN server at your premises in no time. All you need is a machine running the Ubuntu 20.04 server and very basic knowledge of the command line.

You just have to follow some simple DIY instructions to get started with your VPN. If you need any assistance, our support team is here to help.

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Ensure Maximum Privacy With a Family VPN

Publicly shared VPN servers from regular VPN service providers might be good for anonymity. But, they are not the best choice from a privacy standpoint. UTunnel lets you have a secure, dedicated VPN server all for yourself to share with family and friends, with minimal effort.

With UTunnel’s dedicated VPN server, you will get your own clean, private, static IP address.

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