Super Simple
Super Simple

Deployment takes just a few clicks

Quick Setup
Quick Setup

Setup your personal VPN in minutes

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Privacy Enhanced Personal VPN Solution

With a personal VPN server for yourself, you no longer have to rely on publicly shared, slow, and overcrowded VPN servers shared among strangers on the internet.

Automated personal vpn deployment
Fully Automated Deployment

Your personal VPN server may be set up with a few clicks thanks to our automated VPN server deployment. You can choose from more than 30 locations and a selection of 6 cloud providers.

Personal vpn encryption
Better Security and Privacy

Potential MiTM (man in the middle) attacks by hackers that might take place on a public VPN network can be effectively avoided by using a dedicated personal VPN to secure your network.

Efficient vpn control
Efficient Control and Performance

Your personal VPN server is run by you alone and is a separate Virtual Machine with its own CPU and memory allocation. In comparison to shared VPNs, this means better performance.


An Easy-to-Setup Yet Smart Personal VPN

Clean Static IP Address
Clean Static IP Address

You receive a clean, unique static IP address with your own dedicated personal VPN. You can prevent yourself from unjustly being banned from websites as your IP's reputation is under your control, unlike shared VPN.

End-To-End Encryption
End-To-End Encryption

Your internet traffic will be secured using 256-bit encryption to shield your private information and obscure it from cybercriminals. UTunnel supports the reliable and effective encryption protocols IKEv2 and OpenVPN.

Easy-To-Use Web Filtering
Easy-To-Use Web Filtering

You can easily enable UTunnel’s web filter to block malicious websites, or even block websites from specific high risk countries when users are connected to the VPN, ensuring additional security for your personal VPN network.

Manage Multiple Accounts
Manage Multiple Accounts

You no longer need for multiple VPN subscriptions for your friends and family. With UTunnel VPN, once you set up your personal VPN server, you can easily add multiple users and each user can connect upto 5 devices to the VPN.


How To Set Up a Personal VPN Server

You just need to follow these quick and easy steps to deploy your personal VPN server


Sign up for a personal account with us, log in to your UTunnel web dashboard and click on the Create Server button.


You will land on the Create Server screen. Here you can provide your subscription and server type and the number of users.


Complete the payment and wait for the server deployment to get finished. It will take just a few minutes.


Now you can start using your family VPN server and invite users. Install our client apps to connect to the VPN.

Why setup a personal vpn server

Why Should I Set Up a Personal VPN?

You may already be familiar with a VPN's functions, which include protecting your connections over public wifi and adding an extra layer of encryption for your data protection. However, if that could be done simply signing up for a conventional VPN service, why would you need a dedicated VPN for personal or family use?

When using a public VPN server provided by a VPN provider, you have no control over your VPN server or any users who might connect to it. In that case, you are essentially only limiting your exposure to strangers who are connected to the same VPN server as you, as opposed to being exposed to the entire internet.

A dedicated, personal VPN server is what you would need if you wanted total control over your VPN, its users, and the private information of you and your family members. Your home IoT (Internet of Things) gadgets and security cameras can also receive an additional degree of protection by being connected to your private VPN server.


Know More About UTunnel’s Personal VPN Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

A personal VPN is basically a VPN server that you and your family/friends only have access to and control. Such dedicated VPN servers are an enhancement over shared public VPN servers since they offer better privacy and faster connections . By using a personal VPN server, you also get a static IP address for yourself.
UTunnel VPN makes setting up a private VPN server as easy as a few clicks. You may quickly set up your VPN server on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with any of the cloud service providers, like DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, and others, that are integrated with our service. No technical expertise is required.
UTunnel offers VPN client software for all major operating systems. Therefore, you may use these VPN clients to connect all of your devices to your personal VPN server after it has been configured. In order to safeguard smart gadgets and security cameras connected to your WiFi, you may also connect your home WiFi router to your private VPN.
A dedicated personal VPN will provide you more privacy even though it won't give you the same level of anonymity as publicly shared VPN servers. Additionally, shared VPN IPs are regularly blacklisted by websites. You can get around these limitations by using a dedicated VPN server with a clean static IP address.
Yes. Since your private personal VPN server is not shared with hundreds of other users, as is the case with a public VPN server, you will experience speedier internet connections. This is due to the fact that your private VPN server has dedicated CPU, memory, and bandwidth
Most VPN providers provide a VPN family plan designed to simplify billing for households with many users. What they offer these family users are the same publicly shared VPN servers as regular users. On the other hand, a dedicated personal VPN gives you access to a VPN server that is only utilised by you and your family/friends, improving privacy, security, and performance.

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