Secure Your Network From the Application Level

Zero Trust Application Access or ZTAA is a security architecture that is designed to secure network infrastructure at the application level and grants access to applications based on pere-defined access policies.

ZTAA works on the principle of Zero Trust and least privilege where every user is validated and authenticated before being granted with least access privilege to the application through separate encrypted tunnels.


What Makes ZTAA a Versatile Cybersecurity Solution

Define your network security with a robust and flexible Zero Trust Application Access solution from UTunnel and ensure your network infrastructure is protected at the application level with fine-tuned access control.

Granular Control

Create granular access control policies to manage user, group or device access to business applications hosted on your cloud or on-premise network.

Increased Visibility

Obtain clear visibility and control across your crucial resource networks and application access from a centralized management console.

Enhanced Security

Equip your resource network with a state-of-the-art security based on Zero Trust architecture and identify and block potential threats quickly.

Least Privilege

Implementing controlled access to applications based on least privilege on a need-to-know basis improves security with reduced network exposure.

Scale as you Grow

Zero Trust Application Access, being designed as a SaaS-based security solution, can be deployed easily and can be scaled with ease.


Reliable & Robust ZTAA Solution to Secure Your Applications

UTunnel’s multifaceted Zero Trust Application Access solution is designed to have many business-centric features to secure your corporate network at the application level and equip employees as well as third-party users with the least privileged access.

UTunnel’s ZTAA solution is cloud native and lets you seamlessly deploy your application access server with any cloud provider, ensuring peerless security wherever your applications are hosted.
To enhance the cyber defence on your network infrastructure against various threats, UTunnel’s ZTAA is endowed with security features like 2FA, SSO, and policy based access control.
UTunnel ZTAA’s user-intuitive console provides secure yet easy access to business applications and helps to monitor user activity ensuring compliance with security policies.
You can setup up admins on your organization and application access servers with access and configuration privileges, letting you manage network and application access as a team.
UTunnel’s Zero Trust Application Access Solution is easy to deploy and configure with a few clicks. This helps you improve the security of your corporate network manyfold in a less than a few minutes.

How to Setup Secure OneClick Access


Deploy a UTunnel server on your VPC or on-premise network and subscribe for user licenses as needed.


Add a OneClick Application on the VPN server to access your HTTP, HTTPS, SSH or RDP resources.


Invite the users/teams for whom you want to provide secure access to your OneClick Applications.


Setup policies to fine-tune access to the app with location, OS or time-based access control.


Where can you see UTunnel’s ZTAA in use

Seamlessly secure your internal applications and network resources with UTunnel’s flexible Zero Trust Application Access solution with features targeted towards businesses.

UTunnel provides it’s ZTAA solution packaged as OneClick Access. It lets you configure web-browser based secure access to applications, with connections routed through a UTunnel application access server deployed on your business or VPC network. Unlike conventional VPN setup, ZTAA doesn’t require any client apps to connect securely to network resources.

Secure Third-Party Access

Enabling secure access to third-party users like contractors and vendors, without causing data breaches has always been a tricky issue for organizations.

UTunnel’s Zero Trust Application Access solution facilitates secure access to the third party by granting least privileged access to specific applications and network resources on a need-to-know basis, thus reducing the chances of network exposure.

Data Security

UTunnel’s Zero Trust Application Access solution provides and limits access to applications based on the device’s security posture and risk value, thereby enabling secure, encrypted tunnels for each application connection.

ZTAA solutions provide one-touch secure access to SSH, RDP, HTTPS and HTTP servers and hosted applications while ensuring the sensitive data does not pass through unauthorized devices.

Secure Cloud Access

With organizations moving their resources to cloud platforms, providing secure access to cloud applications has become the biggest priority for organizations.

UTunnel’s ZTAA solution lets you secure your cloud-based resources and provides strictly controlled access to cloud-based applications from its user-intuitive web console. The console makes it easy to monitor user activity across the cloud network providing added visibility.

VPN Alternative

Zero Trust Application Access can be used as an alternative to conventional VPN as it enables secure access to specific applications based on granular access policies.

As ZTAA works on the principle of granting least privileged access to applications, it restricts lateral movement across the network, thus diminishing the chances of network infiltration. UTunnel’s ZTAA solution also mitigates issues with VPN such as disconnections from the client app side, thereby enhancing network performance.


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ZTAA Frequently Asked Questions

Zero Trust Application Access is a cyber security technology based on Zero Trust architecture that secures an organization’s resource network at the application level by enabling secure access to employees as well as third-party users.
What is the difference between ZTAA and ZTNA?
Even though both Zero Trust Network Access and Zero Trust Application Access are based on the principles of Zero Trust architecture, both are sightly different from each other. Both terms are often used interchangeably. ZTNA applies Zero Trust technology at the network level to provide secure access to the corporate network. While ZTAA secures corporate networks at the application level and provides safe access to third-party users on a need-to-know basis.
Zero Trust Application Access is different from Virtual Private Network as ZTAA uses identity and policy based access control to authenticate users and grant limited access to selected applications on a network based on least access privilege. VPN on the other hand allows unrestricted access to the entire network to its users once they connect to the VPN network using client apps.
Zero Trust Application Access authenticates users using granular access policies as it believes that there is no implicit trust and grants the least privileged access to users on a need-to-know basis.

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