What is MeshConnect

MeshConnect provides a secure and efficient way to connect various network resources, forming a unified mesh network. Its capabilities go beyond just creating interconnected multi-site networks.

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Efficient Mesh Networking Solution

MeshConnect redefines connectivity by weaving together multiple sites into a cohesive network, ensuring seamless data flow across diverse locations.

It creates a harmonious web of interconnected sites, fostering efficient yet secure communication and collaboration. Resource access between these sites can be easily controlled from the MeshConnect web console.

Multiple Protocols Support
Granular Resource Access with ZTNA

MeshConnect employs Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to ensure secure and specific resource access.

Unlike traditional VPNs, which usually grant users access to all resources on a connected network, MeshConnect offers finer control. Admins can limit remote access to only specific network resources, thereby preventing lateral movement across the network.

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Tailored for Today's Work Models

MeshConnect is designed to cater to the varied requirements of modern work models, ensuring seamless adaptability.

Whether your team operates in a hybrid format, is fully remote, or is dispersed across multiple global offices, MeshConnect guarantees secure and efficient access to essential resources, ensuring that geographical boundaries do not impede productivity and collaboration.

"MeshConnect is adaptable and can seamlessly connect multiple distributed networks or even just two standalone hosts with ease."


MeshConnect Use Cases

MeshConnect stands as a versatile networking solution adaptable to a wide array of use cases, facilitating effortless communication, data sharing among interconnected networks, and secure remote resource access based on the zero-trust model.


How to Setup MeshConnect


Create an Organization account with UTunnel, establish a MeshConnect network, and add Sites to your network.


Register the MeshConnect agents on each Site, define the resources at each Site, and create Site Links between required sites.


Set up access policies on the MeshConnect network, defining remote user access to specific resources at different Sites on the MeshConnect Network.


Add users in your Organization to the MeshConnect network and choose the access policies that apply to these users or user groups.


Exploring the Key Features of MeshConnect

MeshConnect's adaptability handles modern work models and operational scenarios effectively. Whether you're setting up a multi-site mesh network or ensuring secure access to a single location, it’s tailored to meet diverse needs, offering a unique set of features.

Simplified Resource Management

MeshConnect is equipped to auto-discover resources on each site. For specific requirements, resources can be manually added, ensuring they are cataloged and accessible when needed.

Streamlined Site Link Connectivity

MeshConnect’s Site Link provides a user-friendly, easy-to-configure solution for seamlessly interconnecting multiple sites, ensuring uninterrupted data flow and controlled resource sharing across the network.

The Power of MeshConnect Agent

Each site is powered by the MeshConnect agent, a critical component ensuring seamless connectivity. Whether deployed on a cloud instance or on-premise, the agent is designed for optimal performance.

Precisely Controlled Access

Control user access precisely by defining policies that specify which site-based resources are available to remote users. Effectively assign and enforce these policies to guarantee security and relevance in access.

User-Friendly Client Application

UTunnel’s MeshConnect client application is available for all major OS platforms and provides users with a clear overview of their accessible networks and sites, ensuring efficient and secure connectivity.


Optimized and Robust Mesh Networking Solution

Experience secure and effortless access to resources from anywhere, whether you're working remotely or on the move. Our solution seamlessly operates and integrates with diverse networking configurations.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, static IPs can limit flexibility and add extra expenses. MeshConnect understands this and supports dynamic IPs for adaptable, secure networking. Whether you're a business with changing connectivity or an individual without a fixed IP, MeshConnect keeps your network robust yet accessible.
The modern workforce is no longer tethered to a single location. Whether you're working from a coffee shop, on a business trip, or from the comfort of your home, access to your resources shouldn't be a hurdle. MeshConnect ensures that your IoT devices, databases, and essential services are always within reach.
Every business is unique, and so is its tech stack. MeshConnect is designed with adaptability as its core focus. Whether your operations are in the cloud with AWS or Azure, or you use an on-premise setup, MeshConnect integrates seamlessly, preserving your existing infrastructure and ensuring a smooth transition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MeshConnect sets itself apart from traditional VPN solutions by surpassing their limitations. It streamlines the establishment of a unified network among various sites, facilitating controlled resource sharing across multiple locations. Additionally, MeshConnect incorporates Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), providing meticulous control over remote access to network resources.
Absolutely! MeshConnect is versatile and isn’t limited to multi-site mesh networks alone. If you require zero-trust access to resources at a single location, you can set up a single site and configure policy-based resource access for remote users.
In contrast to a typical VPN server setup, which demands a fixed IP address, MeshConnect operates seamlessly without the need for a static IP address. The MeshConnect agent adeptly identifies IP address changes and adapts its functionality accordingly.
Yes, MeshConnect offers the capability to access devices on your home network from remote locations securely. It can also function similarly to a VPN, allowing you to browse the internet using your home network's IP address even while traveling.
MeshConnect is designed for effortless integration with diverse tech stacks, whether your infrastructure resides in the cloud or relies on an on-premise setup. Our solution ensures a smooth and trouble-free transition while maintaining compatibility.
In MeshConnect, most resources in a site will be automatically discovered. To access those resources you have to configure port forwarding. In case you need help with configuring port forwarding, you can request the help of our support engineers and they can assist you.
In MeshConnect, remote resource access is controlled by implementing access control policies. The admin can define access policies to grant access to specific resources of the sites and remote user access will be granted strictly based on those.
Yes, MeshConnect can provide secure remote access to IoT devices. The MeshConnect agent could be installed on IoT devices or controllers running on Ubuntu, enabling easy remote connectivity to them.
Absolutely, you can trust MeshConnect with the utmost confidence in the security and confidentiality of your data. UTunnel MeshConnect holds certifications, including SOC2, ISO 27001:2013, and GDPR compliance. These certifications reflect our dedication to safeguarding your data throughout its lifecycle, providing you with a secure, reliable, and compliant platform for your needs. Your data's protection is our top priority, and we continually strive to meet and exceed industry standards.

Certified SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001 and GDPR Compliant

You can be confident as we maintain the strictest standards for software security compliance.