Mesh Network With Policy-Based Access Control

MeshConnect facilitates the creation of efficient mesh networks. Organizations can seamlessly interconnect their main, branch office networks with multiple cloud Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) through MeshConnect.

This interconnected mesh network ensures secure and seamless data transfer between on-premises infrastructure and cloud resources, optimizing network performance and reducing operational complexities.

Also, the need to regulate and monitor remote access to sensitive data is paramount. MeshConnect offers a robust solution through policy-based access control, ensuring that only authorized individuals or systems can access specific information.

Administrators within the organization have the capability to define access policies and assign them to users or user groups as needed. For example, a sales team member may have access to a CRM application but not to the backend servers. This precision minimizes the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.


Mesh Network Between Multiple Servers

MeshConnect offers great flexibility and scalability, making it an ideal solution for organizations seeking to optimize their distributed systems for maximum efficiency and resilience.

For businesses operating on a global scale but with dedicated servers in non-VPC environments, the challenge lies in easily maintaining consistent and encrypted private connectivity among their distributed systems.

The complexity of managing servers in various regions with diverse functions can be overwhelming.

MeshConnect provides an elegant solution by allowing the creation of a mesh network between such servers that ensures encrypted tunnel and real-time data synchronization. Furthermore, it eases the management of this mesh network with its centralized control center.


Tunnel Between Two Standalone Servers

MeshConnect enables businesses to establish a dedicated encrypted tunnel between two remote servers, irrespective of their physical locations.

This tunnel serves as a secure communication channel, ensuring real-time data synchronization and seamless data exchange. The result is a significant enhancement in the performance and reliability of applications that depend on these servers.

Consider a scenario where a secure, encrypted tunnel is required between two independent servers, whether in the cloud or across distinct locations. These servers host different components of a distributed application. By implementing MeshConnect, the company effectively bridges the gap between these servers, ensuring that data flows smoothly and securely between them.


Control Access To Your Cloud Resources

Organizations frequently navigate complex cloud infrastructures, demanding efficient access management.

MeshConnect offers a solution by providing granular access controls and empowers organizations to maintain cloud resource security efficiently.

Imagine a scenario where a company has software developers who require access to specific servers and services within their own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Simultaneously, DevOps engineers need administrative access to not only the Cloud VPCs but also a set of servers located in a Customer network. Perhaps different engineers are working with different customers, adding complexity to access management.

MeshConnect facilitates precise access controls based on the policies assigned to particular users. This fine-tuned approach minimizes the risk of unauthorized access, ensuring data integrity and security.


Securing IoT Data Flows with Remote Access

In the era of IoT, ensuring the security of data flows between controllers and endpoints is of paramount importance

MeshConnect plays a pivotal role in achieving this security by establishing secure tunnels that encrypt data during transit.

Consider IoT deployments across various locations, where data collection from endpoint devices must be safeguarded. MeshConnect’s encrypted tunnels protect data as it travels between IoT endpoints and central controllers, mitigating the risk of interception by unauthorized parties.

Furthermore, MeshConnect facilitates secure remote access to IoT controllers. Authorized personnel can securely connect to IoT controllers from anywhere, ensuring efficient operations and timely response to emerging needs. This remote access capability not only enhances security but also improves the overall management and maintenance of IoT deployments in various contexts.


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