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Why Does Your Business Need a Site-to-Site VPN Solution

how business vpn connects different company offices

A Site-to-Site VPN solution enables to establish a secure connection between a corporate network and multiple remote offices.

It allows organizations with multiple remote offices at various geographic locations to access the corporate network securely and stay connected to it as if it’s a single network and share resources simultaneously.

Designed to function as a permanent link between the remote offices and the corporate network, the Site-to-Site VPN connection diminishes the physical gap between them.

With a Site-to-Site VPN tunnel, an organization and its remote offices can securely access corporate network resources without the worry of being intercepted.


Reliable Site-to-Site VPN Solution for Your Business

UTunnel’s advanced site-to-site VPN solution come packed with essential features providing your organization with seamless connectivity to stay connected with your remote offices and internal corporate network.

Uninterrupted Access

Site-to-site VPN connection allows organizations to connect seamlessly with their remote offices and internal network to access data, communicate and conduct business.

Secure Connectivity

The 256-bit encrypted data tunnels ensure the secure transmission of sensitive data and deter unauthorized access to the internal resource network, thereby avoiding data breaches.


Another important benefit of using a site-to-site VPN is scalability. It allows the organization to easily add or remove remote offices or cloud resources based on business requirements and goals.

Ease of use

UTunnel’s compact and convenient web console allows the user to easily manage and configure site-to-site VPN settings. Users are also provided with step-by-step instructions to help with the configuration.


Robust Site-to-Site VPN Curated For Your Requirements

UTunnel’s versatile site-to-site VPN solution, with its thoughtfully designed functional features, enables you to seamlessly control and manage your business resource network. Its robust business-centric features ensure effortless VPN configuration and user management.

Easy Configuration

Deploy your own site-to-site VPN easily by following the simple instructions and enjoy an uninterrupted connection with your remote offices, cloud resources, and internal network.

Flexible Networking

UTunnel’s site-to-site VPN solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with networking hardware from Mikrotik, UniFi, Cisco ASA, Sophos, Fortinet, etc. as well as cloud servers from various IaaS providers like AWS

One-on-One support

Network setups vary from company to company, and sometimes you might need additional assistance. Our support engineers are always there to walk you through the site-to-site VPN setup procedure, if you need any help.

Effortless Management

UTunnel’s intuitive web application dashboard allows you to create and manage teams along with configuring the settings of the site-to-site tunnel for a seamless VPN experience.


How to Set Up Your Site-to-Site VPN Server

Follow these easy and simple steps to deploy your site-to-site VPN tunnel using UTunnel.


Sign up for an Organization account, log in to your UTunnel web application dashboard, and create an on-premise VPN server.


Navigate to the Site-to-Site tab and click on the “Create Tunnel” button to configure your site-to-site tunnel.


Choose if you want to create a site-to-site tunnel between two UTunnel servers or a UTunnel server and a non-UTunnel server or network device.


Once this basic setup is done, you can go inside the site-to-site tunnel settings to configure encryption and authentication options and define subnets behind the servers.


Know More on How UTunnel’s Site-to-Site VPN Tunneling Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Site-to-site VPN is a type of VPN that allows organizations easily connect their remote office networks and cloud resources so that they are accessible like one single network. The main objective of using site-to-site VPN is to provide secure connectivity between networks in different locations to enable safe sharing of sensitive business data resources.
Remote Access VPN is used by individual users to access a private network, while Site-to-Site VPN is used to connect entire networks at different locations. Both VPN types ensure secure communication over the internet, but they serve different purposes and require distinct configurations.
If you are a growing organization having multiple branch offices at different geographic locations, with sensitive data being shared back and forth, then it’s a good practise to setup a site-to-site VPN.
A site-to-site VPN securely connects two or more networks that are separated across the internet to allow for private communication. It creates secure tunnels between the sites to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the data. The VPN enables safe data interchange and resource access across locations by facilitating the seamless transfer of data between the connected networks, as if they were physically connected.
Setting up a site-to-site VPN offers cost-effective use of existing internet connections, seamless employee remote access, geographic connectivity for remote locations, and centralized management for simplified administration in addition to better security through encrypted data transmission.

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