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Comprehensive, customized and flexible VPN solution to secure your network

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Cloud / On-Premise

We offer you Cloud and On-Premise VPN Server options. You can create VPN server with one of the integrated Cloud provider or deploy server at your premise. It can be a server created with AWS, Azure, Linode etc. also.

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Static IP

You are behind a shared IP address when connected to public VPN server, many of those shared IP addresses will be blacklisted by various online services. With UTunnel VPN you will have a clean Static IP address.

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External DNS

All VPN Servers comes with its on DNS servers, but we allow for you to use your own DNS server as per your needs. It's an easy configuration change, update the DNS server IP address in dashboard and reload services.

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Split Routing

Split Routing, which will send only the traffic which is destined for the configured destinations (an IP address or a network) across the tunnel, while limiting other traffic over the internet.

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Remote Access

Manage remote access to your servers and other online resources with private VPN Server. No need to keep the access open from everwhere, just limit to the VPN server IP address and let your employees access them through VPN.

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More Features

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We use openVPN and IPSec IKev2 which are considered world class encryption standards to safeguard your data.

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Custom VPN

Run VPN on desired protocol and port. For example running OpenVPN on UDP 2050 is just few clicks away.

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Manual VPN

Enable manual VPN connection from the dashboard, it will allow your users to download configuration file.

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Stats and Logs

Logs are disabled by default but if you do need logs, we have an option to enable and save logs.

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Access Control

You can create users and assign a role from dashboard. You can even have multiple admins to manage your server.

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Best-in class encryption methods at par with global standards to deliver the most secure VPN.

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VPN Clients

VPN client application is available for Windows, MacOS, IOS and Android. Setup instructions are published in help portal.

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Multiple Servers

A user can join multiple VPN servers via invitations from server admins. A user can own multiple servers also.

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Geo Censorship

Does your current location prevents accessing certain apps and sites? Use VPN and say good bye to censorship.