Industry’s Best VPN Server Features

What sets us apart is the best in class VPN server features, allowing flexibility for individuals and businesses.


Scalable and Flexible

One VPN server solution for multiple use cases, be it cloud or on-premise.

Fit for Business Requirements

Set up and manage your business VPN server with our simple wizard. No technical expertise required.

Personal use ready

Business-class features are now available for everyone. You get business quality security and features for personal use.

Multiple Servers

Users can own and manage multiple servers with no limitations. They can also be members of multiple servers.

No Limitations, Create VPN Server Anywhere

Creating VPN servers on the cloud or at your premises is just a few clicks away.

With integrated Cloud provider

We have automated server provisioning with cloud providers like Digital Ocean, Hetzner, Upcloud, and Linode for quick and easy deployment. These integrations make your VPN server setup and configuration seamless.

Server at your premise

Businesses interested in on-premise setup have the flexibility of bringing your own on-premise server. Quick and easy deploy commands allow you to get set up and running in minutes with little or no technical know-how.

With your existing Cloud partner

If you are already using a cloud partner, you have the flexibility of using a server in your own cloud account. For example, you can set up a VPN server in AWS VPC or a server in Azure, GCP etc., allowing you complete control.

Inbuilt Firewall

Super simple DNS and network firewall designed for home/personal users.

Block blacklisted sites

We maintain a list of blacklisted websites. With the firewall enabled, a blacklisted website will be automatically blocked.

Country-wise access control

Firewall settings allow blocking access to all networks in specific countries, this may help to prevent cyber attacks.

Whitelist domain or IP Address

If you like to whitelist a domain or ip address, the firewall settings allow you to add exceptions and grant access.

Access Control And Security

Access control options with group management and world-class encryption enabled.

256-bit encryption

Military-grade encryption allows all traffic to be sent and received securely without prying eyes eavesdropping.

Role-based access control

Simple user and group management. Auto-provisioning for organizations allows simple user onboarding.

2-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication with TOTP algorithm allows the use of apps like Google Authenticator, FreeOTP Authenticator.

External SSO integration

Simplify user management with SSO. SAML integration is available with Google Workspace, Azure AD, Okta and One Login.

Secure Remote Access

Let your workforce securely access your network resources wherever they are.

Custom VPN features at your disposal

A wealth of features along with custom ones for more advanced use cases.

Multiple Protocols Support

We use OpenVPN and IPSec IKEV2 which are considered world-class encryption standards to safeguard your data.

Allows VPN on Custom Port

Run a VPN service on any protocol and port. For example, running OpenVPN on UDP 2050 is just a few clicks away.

Allows Manual Connections

Enable manual VPN connection from the dashboard and it will allow your users to download the VPN configuration file.

Track User Activities

Logs are disabled by default but if you do need logs, we have an option to enable logs to track user activities.

Easy to Configure

No technical expertise needed, just sign up, select a plan, and get your VPN server.

User Friendly UI

Simple configuration and reporting features. The intuitive UI allows for any user to get started quickly.

Smart Configuration Guides

Video tutorials and easy to follow user guides to help you with server creation, configuration, and management.

Expert Technical Assistance

Most of the topics are covered in help guides, but if you need more help our experts are on standby.

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