Cloud VPN Server as a Service

A VPN server in the Cloud is no longer a challenge. We provide you with an easy to setup solution for setting up your VPN server in any of the widely used cloud providers.


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Cloud VPN as a service

Flexibility at the speed of cloud

Can you imagine setting up your VPN server in the cloud with a few clicks in 3 minutes? UTunnel seamlessly integrates with many of the popular cloud providers in the industry today, allowing you to provision a Cloud VPN server quickly and easily.

We also support you to bring your own server from any cloud provider like AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

Simple and Fast

Register, select your favorite cloud provider, size your server and payment details is all you need to get started.

Automated Server Deployment

Automation makes setting up your VPN server in the cloud a breeze. Just a few clicks and you have your own dedicated VPN server ready.

Your Own VPN Server

No more sharing of your VPN connection with strangers, you get a dedicated server for your use. Even manage users on your server.

VPN Server with no restrictions

We don’t enforce any filters. The server you provision is yours to use and share. We don’t impose any blocks on your access to the internet.

No hassle cancellation

We have a no questions asked cancellation policy. Try us out today and cancel anytime you want. We provide an easy month to month billing.

Enable logs at your wish

The log policy is for you to decide, by default nothing is logged. We give you the flexibility to turn logging on or off at your convenience.

How to set up your Cloud VPN Server

Follow these quick and easy steps to deploy your VPN server.

Sign up for an account with us and login to your UTunnel web application dashboard. Click on the Create Server button to create a new server.
You will be prompted to provide your billing address details if you already have it set in your account. This step is optional.
Next select Cloud option. Then, select the service provider, instance type and server location.
Now, enter your credit card details as required on the screen. Your server will be ready in couple of minutes.

Why Utunnel cloud VPN Server?

This is an era of cloud services as it reduces the cost and complexity of business operations. It scalability, reliability, and efficiency attracts IT enthusiasts to increasingly adopt it.You can find a number of reputed cloud providers in the market whose cloud servers are cost-effective, stable and easy to deploy. However, building a cloud VPN server demands technical knowledge and expertise.

UTunnel is a comprehensive VPN solution to deal with these requirements. We simplified cloud VPN server deployment with premium cloud providers, such as DigitalOcean, Linode and Hetzner etc. You can create servers with any of our integrated cloud provider from our user-friendly dashboard. It involves very few easy steps -selecting your preferred cloud provider, location, server type and making the payment.

A VPN helps to limit access only to known sources and secure remote access to business network resources and tools.

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