Why do You Need a Dedicated or Static IP Address for VPN


If you have ever searched for VPNs, then you would have definitely come across two terms – Dedicated IPs and Shared IP addresses. What are they?

Prior to defining dedicated and shared IPs, let us have a look at IP addresses. Every device connected to a network will be assigned a unique numerical label that enables communication between each device. It is this label that allows them to be identified on the network. Your internet service provider (ISP) assigns the IP address. So they can use this to trace your online identity. It is here that a virtual private network (VPN) comes into action to protect your online privacy.

Individuals and businesses use VPNs to mask their real IP addresses and add an additional layer of security to their online traffic with end-to-end encryption. Most consumer-grade VPN service providers offer two types of IP addresses – static and shared IPs. Shared IPs are the IPs you get while connected to a VPN server that is used by multiple users. Static or dedicated IPs are provided for a single user or a group of users who need to access via the same IP. If you are using a shared IP address, then there can be multiple users connected to the same server and hence with the same IP address. This is beneficial from an anonymity point of view. But when it comes to security, having a dedicated IP is more beneficial. Now let us see the benefits of using a dedicated or static IP address. Dedicated IP addresses are highly recommended for businesses and home users who prefer to have a single IP address for all their devices.

Traditionally setting up a dedicated VPN server used to be a technically challenging task. But, with the advent of modern cloud VPN solutions, users can now easily deploy dedicated VPN servers in just a few clicks. This article details the benefits you can have on deploying a dedicated VPN server with a static IP address.

Benefits of using a VPN with a Dedicated IP Address

1. Safe online access

A dedicated IP address gives you a permanent IP address for your connection. This enables you to perform online activities that demand higher security. You will be considered a legitimate user of the destination country based on the VPN server selected. This will qualify you to deal with high-security online activities such as Internet banking and online shopping activities. Using a dedicated IP address also mitigates the risks of being blocked by other websites or security issues associated with shared IPs.

2. High-level server control 

Subscribing to a business VPN service will give you a dedicated IP address, giving you direct access to the VPN server. Thus you get more freedom and customization capabilities on the server based on your technical skills. For instance, if you have a dedicated IP address, you can run your own IP-based server environment with the permission of your host. This is helpful when you need high-level control for your websites or projects.

3. Secure remote access

Most business networks are designed in such a way that they could be accessed only through specific IP addresses. This prevents unauthorized entry into the network. With a dedicated IP address in place, your employees can safely connect to the networks irrespective of their location and access the information and resources.

4. Access geo-restricted services

A critical drawback of using a shared IP address is that you too will have to share the implications of the illegal or offensive activities that others who share the same IP do.  In such cases, the IP address gets blacklisted preventing others from accessing the content. This is primarily because shared IP addresses are used to launch DDoS attacks. So most online services consider a dedicated IP legitimate. With a dedicated IP address in place, you no longer have to worry about a website ban because the VPN service provider assigns a fresh IP address.

5. Smooth and easy website logins

Websites, such as Gmail and PayPal check your IP address while logging in. In some instances, they might block if you constantly change your IP address until they verify your identity. This complicates your website logins. This can be avoided if you use a dedicated VPN IP address whenever you log in.

6. Better streaming experience

Most of the video-on-demand (VoD) services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have established secure protection that lets them select who should access their content. Their sophisticated geo-blocking techniques block VPNs from restricting their content. The basic VPN providers are usually not able to bypass them.  Since most of the VPN service providers use shared IPs, the VoD services can easily identify and blacklist them. With a dedicated IP address, you can access their network easily since the IP will not look suspicious to the providers. You will also get a faster streaming experience as you won’t have to share it with others.

7. Secure banking transactions

A dedicated VPN IP address will secure your online banking transactions keeping your private information inaccessible to cybercriminals. If you are using an IP address custom-assigned to you, it gives you the highest level of personal security. An investment in a dedicated VPN IP address is always worth it as you don’t have to fear that your information will fall into the wrong hands.

8. Less downtime during gaming

If you are gaming using dynamic IPs, the chances for downtime are more. Sometimes the ISP becomes unable to assign you the dynamic IP address. This might interrupt your sessions ruining your score and overall gaming experience. With a dedicated VPN IP address, you can have a static IP which considerably mitigates the risk of downtime during gaming.

9. IP/Server whitelisting

Remote working and bringing your own device (BYOD) is the trend of the moment. But these are potential enough to expose your business to new threats. You can now improve your network security by allowing only whitelisted IPs. All you need is to whitelist your dedicated VPN IP so that the firewall will allow users with IP addresses that match the specified address. This is a good option to secure your private servers and remote access systems.

10. Run an FTP server

If you are looking to set up a web or FTP server on your computer using the same IP address, then a dedicated IP address can help.  This will encrypt your connection hiding your online activities from your ISP since most ISPs prohibit the use of home internet connections to run the servers. The security of your server can be improved by restricting FTP access to your static IP.

As you have seen above, there are many benefits of using a dedicated VPN IP address. It is a good investment if you are a regular internet user. A custom IP address dedicated to you will not be connected to users whom you don’t prefer. It ensures additional protection for your sensitive personal information and prevents you from getting blocked on the internet due to someone else's fault.