5 Reasons Your Company Should Use a VPN Service


The internet is like a double-edged sword. It makes work easier, more accessible, and more convenient. At the same time, however, it poses threats to your business’s privacy and security.

According to a report by Accenture, an organization experiences an average of 22 security breaches per year. Hence, you may want to think about having the best VPN (Virtual Privacy Network) for your company to keep all your files and information protected and safe from such malicious incidents.

VPNs are applications that guarantee end-to-end encryption for your business’ internet activities. This ensures that your connections are secured no matter where your employees access it.

If you’re still on the fence about getting one, then here are 5 reasons why use a business VPN for your company.

1. Tighter security

Businesses have always been targets for malicious attacks. Hence, antivirus programs are essential tools for all companies. However, these may not be enough to fully protect your company from hackers and the likes.

One of the top reasons to use a VPN is to enhance and tighten your business’ cybersecurity. It is an extra layer of protection against data breaches and leaks by encrypting your internet connectivity. It secures sensitive customer data, employee information, and company files.

2. Secured remote access

Remote work is fast gaining popularity across the world. Thanks to the rise of cloud-based or web-based applications, anyone can work outside the office and anywhere they prefer. This is further bolstered by the pandemic that plagued the world.

With the new normal in place, hackers have also adapted to the changes in their victims’ new behaviors and environments. To keep your data and information secure no matter where they are accessed, equip your employees with a VPN.

VPN services allow you to remotely connect to a secured server that hosts your company’s data and information. Since the connection has end-to-end encryption, your data will remain private from lurking threats anytime and anywhere. Likewise, if you can allow your VPN service providers to check out the data logs, you can monitor your employee's access and security in the process

3. Geo-independent

Nothing can be more frustrating when your internet activities are cut short due to blocked sites. This is a common occurrence in countries with tight national censorship and regulations. But don’t let that stop you.

One of the benefits of a VPN is that it can help you get around this blockage. This is because it can connect you to servers located in other countries. This way, your connection will appear to be from a different country compared to where you physically are.

This is ideal for outsourcing work outside your country. It also secures this connection and ensures that data and information remain untraceable and private.

4. Enhanced online privacy

Most of the time, people are unaware that their data and information are continuously being tracked by all the websites they visit. These channels keep track of their locations, IP addresses, browsing histories, saved passwords, and more.

Third-party entities have no qualms about taking advantage of these types of information. This leaves your employees and your business vulnerable to possible leaks and breaches. This may even result in identity or financial theft.

With a VPN, you can protect your employees’ online privacy every time they access important websites and platforms for the office. This includes emails, productivity software, project management software, and more. It will camouflage their IP addresses and location data so that hackers can’t collect their data.

5. Scalable and flexible

Most VPN services are affordable. Some even offer pay-as-you-go subscriptions so that you can control the outflow of your expenses. Hence, VPN is great for small businesses or those who are starting out. What makes it even better is its scalability and flexibility.

VPN allows security for multiple devices at the same time. This means as your company grows and adds more devices to its roster, you are assured that your VPN has them all covered. In this way, your company remains secure as it grows bigger.

Likewise, the present cloud VPN services are also easy to set up and maintain. Some providers even support continuous support after installation. These are in the form of updates and security patches to ensure that your VPN remains secure and stable.

VPN is the key to security

Nowadays, the Internet has become an integral part of any business process. It makes work easier, faster, and more accessible. However, the convenience and ease that the internet provides can make you complacent. Doing so will make your company susceptible to unwanted attacks.

So, remain vigilant against possible risks and attacks by equipping yourself with the best VPN services in the market as listed by FinancesOnline. With a Business VPN, you’ll ensure that all your internet activities are safeguarded and protected. You don’t have to worry about sharing information and data across devices. This added confidence will let you work in peace and without a hitch in the long run.