How Small Business VPN Boosts Company Network Security


Despite the common belief that cyber-attacks are always focused on medium to large businesses and small businesses are spared from cyber-attacks owing to their comparatively smaller fortunes, it is the small businesses that always fall easy prey to cyber-attacks. Poor security measures, little cyber-security budget, and lack of knowledge about the necessity of having strong cyber-security measures in place are the main reasons why small businesses became easy targets for cyber-attacks. Research shows that around 493.33 million worth of ransomware attacks were reported by organizations in 2022 where the majority are small businesses.  

In this blog, we will discuss how a business VPN can boost network security for small businesses.

What is a Small Business VPN?

A small business VPN or virtual private network is a secure network access infrastructure designed for small businesses to facilitate secure communication between a small business's local network and user devices. Setting up a VPN for small businesses involves setting up a VPN server, which enables encrypted data transmission between the business network and the accessing devices, allowing employees and authorized users to access the company’s business network resources securely over the internet, regardless of their physical location. In essence, small business VPN is a vital part of a robust cybersecurity strategy as it helps in enhancing data security.

Boosting Network Security with Small Business VPN

A small business VPN solution fortifies business network security by encrypting inbound and outbound data traffic enabling overall data security from the risks associated with data breaches, sniffing, and other cyber-security threats. Let's see in detail, how small business VPN solutions are enhancing network security.

Data Encryption

As mentioned above, small business VPNs work by creating a data tunnel between a user's device and the business’s internal network and encrypting the data transmitted through it. This ensures that sensitive business data like login credentials, financial data, customer information, etc. remains safe and protected while being in transit.

Secure Remote Access

With most organizations embracing remote work, small businesses also adopted a hybrid working culture with employees often working remotely or accessing the company network while on the go. A small business VPN solution enables a safe environment for remote working employees to connect securely to the business's internal network and access data resources over the internet, ensuring that their communication and data transmissions are safe from interception.

Access Control and Centralized Management

For organizations, access control and management are vital for securing sensitive business data. A small business VPN provides advanced access control and user management from an easy to use dashboard, allowing segmented access to internal resources, ensuring that only authorized users have access to that resource. Also, features like 2-factor authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies secure access.

Site-to-Site Connectivity

In addition to fortifying remote access, a small business VPN also offers the crucial advantage of establishing secure site-to-site connectivity. Site-to-site connectivity refers to the capability of securely linking multiple physical locations of a business's network through encrypted communication channels. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses with multiple branches, offices, or remote locations that need to communicate and share data securely.

Expert Assistance

In certain instances, the setup of a business VPN may require specialized expertise due to the unique network configurations that vary among different businesses. Unlike consumer VPNs, which tend to offer a more standardized setup, the intricate demands of business networks might necessitate personalized attention. This is where the distinction lies: small businesses could find significant value in one-on-one screen-sharing support, a service available only through a reliable, dedicated business VPN provider.


As the cases of cyber crimes reported by small businesses around the world are increasing at an alarming rate, small organizations must secure their business network and enhance their security. A small business VPN provides small companies with the necessary security and support to enhance the security posture of their business network. Using their reliable encryption methods and secure remote accessing, small business VPN solutions seamlessly safeguard sensitive business data, while mitigating the risks associated with potential cyber threats.

UTunnel Secure Access is a robust business VPN solution, that is designed especially for small and medium businesses to seamlessly secure sensitive business data and other resources from the risks associated with cyber security threats. Created as a cloud-based solution, UTunnel Secure Access fortifies your company network security and reinforces your IT policy to stay ahead in this digital landscape while ensuring the smooth functioning of your organizational goals.

Small Business VPN - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a small business VPN?

A small business VPN is a VPN solution designed to cater to the needs of small businesses. It helps small businesses by enabling easy VPN server deployment, letting them seamlessly secure sensitive business data and other resources in the business network from cyber security threats. It also provides employees with secure remote access to internal resources irrespective of the location over the internet. 

2. What does a small business VPN do?

A small business VPN is a secure network access infrastructure that works by creating an encrypted communication channel between the business’s internal network and the accessing device. When an employee tries to access the business’s internal data, it is transmitted through this encrypted communication channel, which safeguards the sensitive data from the risks of data breaches and interception.

3. What is the difference between a consumer VPN and a small business VPN?

The main difference between a consumer VPN and a small business VPN is that the consumer VPN is used for the personal use cases of individual users while the small business VPN is designed keeping the interests of small businesses in mind. Personal VPNs use VPN servers that are shared between hundreds or even thousands of users, which is not suitable for businesses. A small business VPN provides dedicated VPN servers for businesses, facilitating employees with secure remote access to the internal network over the internet.

4. Should I use a small business VPN for my business?

More and more cyber crimes are reported around the world, and studies show that small businesses are more likely to be targeted by cybercriminals than large organizations. 
A small business VPN can help businesses secure their business network protect their data resources from the clutches of cyber security threats and mitigate the risks associated with data breaches. Owing to this reason a small business VPN can add an extra layer of security to your resource network and enhance your security posture.