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Transform your organization’s network security with our easy-to-setup, hardware-free, VPN solution. Get better ROI with optimum performance and seamless protection for your mobile workforce.

Secure your Business with the Best Business VPN Solution

We understand business VPN needs better

We work with businesses worldwide and understand their VPN requirements for security and agility. Our Business VPN Server solution helps you to quickly get set up and running with limited know-how or experience.

What makes UTunnel Standout

Our VPN solution uses the best-in-class technologies and 256-bit encryption to ensure that the traffic between you and the business resources is secure. Find out more on why our solution is the best for businesses.

Easy and Instant Deployment

Don’t spend hours configuring your own VPN setup. Our easy to follow instructions help spin up your own VPN server in minutes, not days.

Bring your own Server

We give you the option to use your own servers for UTunnel VPN setup, whether it be in AWS VPC, Azure or a server at your premise.

Features made for Business

Business-centric features like 256-bit encryption, Centralized User Management, 2F Authentication, SSO, Split routing and External DNS.

Support when you need it

Our support team is standing by to help, even if you decide you need help with an on-premise deployment.

Predictable cost with no commitments

Know your exact spend. We offer a no-hassle, no-commitment sign up allowing you to cancel anytime.

How to set up your Business VPN Server

Follow these quick and easy steps to deploy your VPN server.

Sign up for an account with us and login to your UTunnel web application dashboard. Click on the Create Server button to create a new server.
Select the server type and enter other required server details. Next is payment, complete the payment and proceed.
If you have selected On-Premise option, you may need to register your server and execute a few simple commands on your server.
Your VPN server will be ready to use now. Start creating users and using VPN server.

Why A Business Needs VPN?

Today's businesses support flexible working arrangements where employees work remotely from home and other places of convenience while they are traveling. They would need secure access to private resources like ERP, HRMS systems or other business applications.

You might have secured access to such systems with password protection already. However, keeping internal or private IT applications and servers accessible from the internet is a huge risk. Using a VPN to restrict external access adds an additional layer of security to your resources.

Another important aspect of your business that needs protection is your sensitive business data. Always ensure that the business data is encrypted and protected while transferred over the Internet. A VPN makes sure your data is protected with its encryption.

A VPN helps to limit access only to known sources and secure remote access to business network resources and tools.

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