VPN Server for Family

Are you looking for a VPN solution to secure your family’s internet? Our VPN server solution brings security and privacy with a dedicated VPN server that you can share with your family and friends.

VPN Solutions for family

Secure your family’s Internet Traffic

Protecting your internet traffic from prying eyes is important for everyone. UTunnel VPN helps to secure your internet browsing from service providers and government agencies. With our multi-platform supported clients, you can secure the internet on smartphones, desktops, laptops and streaming devices. You can also manage your family members with different accounts on our dedicated VPN server.

Privacy Enhanced VPN Solution

Now your whole family can benefit from using a dedicated VPN server. No more shared accounts on shared servers between strangers on the internet. No need to select between busy VPN server lists.

No more IP and DNS Leak

Since your internet traffic is encrypted and secure, there is no chance of your internet traffic information being intercepted by anyone.

Dedicated VPN Server

No more use of shared VPN servers from service providers. with UTunnel you get a dedicated VPN server all for yourself to share with family and friends.

Manage Family/Friend accounts

Don’t share VPN accounts anymore. With UTunnel VPN you can create accounts for your family members and friends on your dedicated server.

Encrypted Internet

Your internet traffic is encrypted with 256-bit encryption, obscuring it from prying eyes. Your internet traffic remains safe through your VPN server.

Get over Geo-restrictions

Are you restricted from viewing content due to your location? Just spin up your server in the location of your choice and bypass Geo-restrictions.

How To Deploy UTunnel VPN Server?

Below is a quick overview of server creation process.

Login to UTunnel dashboard and click on Create Server option.
You will land on the Create Server screen. Here you can provide your server type and other server details.
Next step is payment. Enter your credit/debit card details and proceed.
That's it. Your VPN server will be ready couple of minutes.

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