Can I Bring My Own Server

Yes, you can bring in your own server with our On-Premise subscription. To create an On-Premise VPN server, you need a newly installed Ubuntu 20.04 physical or virtual server (except containers) with a public IPv4 address. If your server is behind a firewall, you will have to allow inbound traffic on the following ports.

Ports used for OpenVPN connections

  • TCP 443
  • UDP 443
  • UDP 53 (if scramble VPN is enabled)

Ports used for IPSEC connections

  • UDP 4500
  • UDP 500

Ports used for managing UTunnel services like live sessions, web-filter, and site-to-site tunneling.

  • TCP 38081

By default, OpenVPN listens on TCP:443 and UDP:443 ports. If required, it is possible to run OpenVPN on a custom port. When a Custom VPN is enabled, you may need to allow traffic on the Custom VPN port also.

Follow the instructions How to setup On-Premise server to create an On-Premise VPN server.

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