How to update the server certificate on your VPN server

This guide explains how to update the server certificate on your UTunnel VPN server. You need to update the certificate once every two years, as it gets renewed during this period. You will be notified by email during the certificate renewal so that you can update it on your server accordingly.

On an integrated cloud VPN server, the certificate update process is automated and there is no need for user intervention. But, if you chose the BYOS(Bring Your Own Server/On-Premise) option, you have to manually update the server certificate.

This update can be done using the wrapper tool 'utnservice' which is installed into '/utunnel/bin' folder in your UTunnel VPN server. Just follow the steps below to perform the certificate update:

1. Connect to your UTunnel VPN server via SSH client with root privileges.

2. Run the following command with Sudo privileges.

sudo /utunnel/bin/utnservice updatecert

3. Reload the UTunnel service on the server using the following command.

sudo /utunnel/bin/utnservice reload

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