How to enable SSO and use G Suite as Identity Provider

Here is the step-by-step process to set up single sign on (SSO) and configure G Suite as identity provider for your UTunnel Organization account.

Enabling SSO and G Suite

1. To activate SSO and use G Suite as identity provider on your UTunnel organization account, navigate to your Organization dashboard, select Organization tab.


2. Click Single Sign On and then click G Suite. Check Enable G Suite. Keep this page handy as the you will need the ACS URL and Entity ID from here. 

G Suite Configuration

1. Now, you have to perform configurations at G Suite. Sign in to with your G Suite account. In the menu, select Apps.


2. Select SAML Apps.


3. Click Add App.


4. Select Add custom SAML app.


5. In the App details screen, enter your preferred name. We recommend UTunnel VPN for easy understanding. Click CONTINUE to proceed.


6. In the Google Identity Provider details screen, you will get two options. We recommend you to go for the first option to download the METADATA file and ignore option 2. Download the file. Click Continue.


7. Proceed to your ORG account dashboard and upload Metadata File below the Identity Provider Details section.


8. In the Service provider details screen, you can find two options ACS URL and Entity ID. You have to enter the details obtained in step #2 in the corresponding fields. Click CONTINUE.


9. Next steps is to configure SAML attributes. Click ADD MAPPING button to add each field.


10.  Set the SAML attributes as follows.  Please note that these attributes are case sensitive. Once done click Finish.

Google Directory Attributes

App attributes

First name


Last name


Primary email



11. That's it. G Suite integration is complete now. Users with active G Suite login and necessary privileges will be able to login to your organization's UTunnel dashboard. However, the organization owner has to login with registered email and password, and not with G Suite account.

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