How to enforce Multi-Factor Authentication on a VPN server

UTunnel offers multi-factor authentication to secure access to your account. It also allows a server owner or admin to enforce multi-factor authentication on a server. That means, only multi-factor authentication enabled users can connect to that server. VPN Access will be denied for all other users.

Please follow the instrcutions to enforce multi-factor authentication on a server.

1. Access UTunnel website from your desired browser. Click on the Login button and login with your UTunnel username and password.

2. You will reach the UTunnel Dashboard window. Select the Server tab.

3. Select the preferred server for which you want to enable multi-factor authentication.

4. Click on the Settings option from the top left of the screen. Check the Enforce Multi Factor Authentication feature and then click on the SAVE CHANGES button to effect the changes.

5. This will enforce multi-factor authentication on your UTunnel server.

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