Setup UTunnel On-Premise server with Oracle Cloud

This guide will help you to set up UTunnel On-Premise server in Oracle Cloud.

Log in to your Oracle Cloud account and create a server. UTunnel requires a server with Ubuntu20.04 installed.



Give a desired name for the Oracle Cloud server. Select the OS image for Ubuntu20.04 and the instance type.


Once the server is created you will need to edit the security policy and allow access to necessary network ports. By default UTunnel services are configured to listen on the ports TCP:443 and UDP:53, 443, 500 and 4500.

For that, navigate to Compute > Instances > Instance details. Then click on Virtual cloud network name.


Navigate to Security Lists and click on Create Security List and below rules.


Now, add rules for the above mentioned ports.

Also add the port TCP 38081 for managing services like live sessions, firewall, and site-to-site tunneling.

Now the server is created. You will need to add newly created server to your UTunnel account and deploy UTunnel services. For that, login to the UTunnel dashboard, navigate to Server tab and click on Create Server button.

Server Type: On-Premise.
Name: Give a desired name for your server.
IP Address: The IP address of the newly server created in Oracle Cloud.

Proceed with the on-screen instructions and complete the subscription process.


Once the subscription process is compelted, you will be taken to the details page of the server and presented with the server registration token. You will need this token to complete the server registration.

Next, login to your server using SSH.

Clear default firewall rules using the below command and disable UFW firewall.

sudo iptables -F
sudo systemctl stop ufw && systemctl disable ufw

Run the below commands to create the required folder and download UTunnel installer.

sudo mkdir /utunnel && cd /utunnel
sudo wget
sudo tar -xf install_bundle_20.tar

You need to register the server with UTunnel now, you need to replace YOUR_REGISTRATION_TOKEN with the registration token you obtained from the UTunnel dashboard.

sudo /utunnel/bin/utnservice register YOUR_REGISTRATION_TOKEN

Start UTunnel Service on your server. Run the following command for the same.

sudo /utunnel/bin/utnservice start

Now your server will be ready to accept VPN connection. Invite users to your server and start using VPN.

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