What is UTunnel VPN

UTunnel VPN is a cloud-based subscription service that allows users to create VPN servers quickly and easily. We offer Cloud and On-Premise VPN Server options. The Cloud option allows you to set up a dedicated VPN Server with one of our integrated cloud partners. It is easy to launch with little or no technical skills. It is as simple as selecting a server type, making payment, inviting users, and start using the VPN service. Definitely a good option for people who want to stay away from public shared VPN providers or from eavesdroppers or for something to share with family/group. The use cases are limitless. A “No logs” policy is enforced by default on these servers but you can enable logs if needed. Since we offer no backup options for Cloud Servers, we do not recommend this option to business users.

We are integrated with popular cloud providers like Digitalocean, Linode, Upcloud, and Hetzner. And we are working on adding more providers to the list. 

For the On-Premise Server option, you can bring your own server. This server can be at your premise or in your account with a cloud provider. For example, you can bring in a physical or virtual server (except containers) with Ubuntu 20.04 installed and a public IPv4 address. Creating an On-Premise server is also an easy process, just follow the instructions provided to set up an On-Premise server. You can configure your own DNS servers, and let OpenVPN run on a custom port. You can also enable Split Routing, which will send only the traffic which is destined for the configured destinations (an IP address or a network) across the tunnel. So with your server and our easy-to-use VPN Server setup, the VPN server can be in your secured network, where you manage the security, backup, etc.

See how the pricing works for UTunnel VPN (link to pricing doc page)

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