How to modify your UTunnel VPN subscription

You can modify your VPN subscription plan or the number of VPN user licenses anytime you wish. Here is how you can modify a UTunnel VPN subscription from your account dashboard.

1. Visit our website and click the Login button at the top right to sign in with your UTunnel login credentials.

2. You will reach the UTunnel Dashboard window. Click on the Subscription tab.

3. Find the server subscription that you want to modify. If you wish to change the subscription plan (Basic/Standard), go to the Package column and click Change Plan for the particular subscription.

4. From the pop-up that opens up, you can choose your preferred plan from the dropdown and click Submit.

5. In case you want to modify the number of user licenses attached to the VPN server, go to the Accounts column and click Modify for the particular subscription.

6. From the pop-up that opens up, you can choose your preferred number of user licenses from the dropdown and click Submit.

Please note that if you upgrade the subscription plan or add more user licenses, the prorated amount will be charged for the current billing cycle.

In case of a plan downgrade or reduction in the number of user licenses, you will be issued a prorated credit note, which will be adjusted against your next month's invoice or could be utilized for a new subscription.

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