Connect with OpenVPN client on Android

This guide will help you to connect UTunnel on your Android device using OpenVPN connect client.

To connect via OpenVPN native client, you need to enable manual VPN connections on your server and download configuration file to your mobile device. Please follow the instructions below given.


1. The first step is to navigate to and login with your username and password.


2. Once logged in, select the Server tab. Tap on the hamburger menu to access the Server tab.


3. Click on your server name. It will take you to the detailed page of the server.


4. Select the Settings tab from the left side pane and select Enable Manual OpenVPN connections option as shown in image.


5. Tap on the SERVER tab at the top menu to go back to the server list page again. You should see the 'Download OVPN File' option is activated now.


6. You have to do the rest of the configurations from your mobile device. Go to Google Play Store, download and install the OpenVPN client application.


7.Login to from your mobile now and click on the Download OVPN File button to download the configuration file.


8. Select the option OpenVPN UDP 443 and download the configuraion file as shown in below image. Once the file is downloaded, leave the dashboard and proceed to the next step. 


9. Open the OpenVPN client app. Select FILE tab.


10. Upload the OVPN file from the Downloads folder or from the location where you have saved the OVPN file and tap on the IMPORT button.


11. You will reach the Imported Profile screen, where you have to tap on ADD button to save the set up. You can either select or leave the option to connect the VPN after importing the file.



12. A message asking your permission to set up the VPN connection pops up. Hit OK to proceed.



13. Now you are on the Profile screen, which displays your connection status. Once the VPN gets connected, the UTunnel VPN profile’s toggle button turns green and status above OpenVPN profile turns CONNECTED. You can also confirm the connected status from the key icon displayed at the top left of the app screen.


14. Tap to toggle off the radio button to disconnect the VPN.

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