How to enable split routing on a VPN server

This guide helps to enable and configure split routing on UTunnel VPN server. Split routing refers to sending traffic to specific destination only through a VPN tunnel.

1. Login to your UTunnel account and navigate to the UTunnel dashboard that displays the details of your Utunnel VPN server.  Click on the Server tab at the top menu to view your servers.


2. Click on your preferred server to view more.


3. You will land on the server details page of that particular server. Select Split routing from the left side menu.


4. Click to select Use Split Routing. Enter the IP address or network that needs to be routed via VPN. Click on the Add button to add each IP address or network. Click SAVE CHANGES button to apply the changes.


5. Click Ok on the warning message that cautions you about enabling split DNS on your server. If you haven’t enabled split DNS, split routing might fail to function without split DNS in certain conditions.


6. Click Yes on the pop-up message that confirms your permission to restart the server. This will automatically restart your UTunnel server.


7. The UTunnel server restarts to apply the changes. On the On-Premise server, the utnservice restart needs to be performed manually.


8. The UTunnel VPN server restart can be inferred from the displayed status.


9. Once the server has been successfully restarted, you can confirm that split routing is enabled on your UTunnel VPN server.

Removing the routed IP Address

Navigate to your server listing page. Select the server for which you have enabled split routing. Scroll down to find the destination server assigned on your server. Click on the delete button to remove the IP address.

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