What is a UTunnel Account

A UTunnel account is needed to access the dashboard or connect to a VPN server using mobile devices. A new user can register an account by visiting the sign-up page. Credit card or other payment details are not required for registration. Payment details are requested only if you would like to create a VPN server.

A user can join multiple servers with the same account. An invitation is required to join a VPN server. Server owners or users with admin privileges can invite other users to join a VPN server. Once the invitation is accepted by the user, the user will be able to see the VPN server listed in the website dashboard and other UTunnel applications and be able to connect to the server.

There are three types of roles on a VPN server; owner, admin, and user. These roles are specific to each VPN server. For example, user Mark with a 'user' role on server 'B' can also be an owner of the server 'A'.  


The owner is the one who purchases a VPN server. A VPN server owner has complete access and can modify any settings, can manage users, or modify subscriptions. Only the VPN server owner can cancel the server subscription.


A VPN server owner can promote a 'user' account to an 'admin' account. An 'admin' user will have the same privileges as an 'owner' except cannot cancel the server subscriptions.


A user on a VPN server can view the allowed VPN server list on all VPN client apps and can connect to those servers. This role has no extra privileges.

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