How to enable SSO and use Okta as Identity Provider

This guide will help you to enable Single-Sign-On and configure Okta as identity provider for your UTunnel Organization account.        

Enabling SSO and Okta

1. To activate SSO and use Okta as identity provider on your UTunnel organization account, navigate to your Organization dashboard, select Organization tab.


2. Click Single Sign On and then click Okta. Check Enable Okta. Keep this page handy as the details will be required in the proceeding steps.


Okta Configuration

3. Now, you have to perform configurations at Okta. Login to your organization's Okta portal and select Applications menu within Applications tab.


4. Click Add Application button at the top left of the screen.


5. Click the Create New App button at the top right of the screen.


6. A new window pops up. Select Web for the Platform field and enable SAML2 for the Sign on method field.  Click Create button.


7. Enter any preferred name in the App Name field and click Next to proceed. Here we have named as UTunnel.


8. Next, you need to configure necessary integration URLs and SAML attributes. You will need the details obtained from step #2 here.

  • Single sign on URL: Copy the Single Sign On URL from the UTunnel dashboard and paste it here.
  • Enable the check box Use this for Recipient URL and Destination URL
  • Audience URI (SP Entity ID): Copy Audience Restriction URL from the UTunnel dashboard and paste it here.

Set the SAML attributes as follows.  Please note that these attributes are case sensitive. Click Add Another to add each field as given below:

Name Name Format Value
FirstName Basic user.firstName
LastName Basic user.lastName
Email Unspecified


Now click Next to proceed.


9. In the Feedback section, select an option based on your role and click Finish button.


10. Now you will reach the Applications screen. Scroll down to find the Sign On tab. Find the Identity Provider metadata below the Sign On Methods section and click on the same.


11. The Identity Provider metadata opens in a new window. Copy the URL from the browser.


12. Now navigate to UTunnel dashboard and paste it in Metadata URL. Click SAVE CHANGES button.


That's it. Okta integration is complete now. Users with active Okta login and necessary privileges will be able to login to your organization's UTunnel dashboard. However, the organization owner has to login with registered email and password, and not with Okta account.

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