iOS VPN application features explained

This guide will walk you through all the functions and features of UTunnel app for iOS devices.  You can skip to a preferred section from the following links in the guide content below:

1. Connecting to a UTunnel Server

  1. Once logged in, you will be redirected to the CONNECT screen of the UTunnel server. The features on this screen are given below.
  2. Tap on the cog wheel icon to access the Settings screen.
  3. Tap on the hamburger menu to navigate to other screens on the app.
  4. You can view the details of the UTunnel server, such as the name of the server, the service provider and the location from where the device is connecting.
  5. The IP address of the server from which you are connected will be displayed on this screen.
  6.  The status of the VPN connection will be displayed on the connection screen.
  7. Tap on the CONNECT button to connect the VPN.


2. Using the Settings feature

  1. Tap on the SETTINGS tab to view the settings of your UTunnel VPN server.
  2. Protocols displays the VPN protocol selected for the server.
  3. You can tap on the radio button next to Set as Primary Server to set the server as the default server. Select OK button to confirm the selection. Once confirmed the radio button turns green.

3. Hamburger menu

This menu lets you access other features of the app. Tap on the menu to view the list of features on the app.

  1. The Server List Screen shows the list of accessible servers. You can find a Default label next to the server that is selected as the Primary Server.
  2. Tap on the radio button below Preferences to set your server always in a connected mode.
  3. If you prefer to reset your password, you can do it on this screen. All you need to do is to type your old password and new password, and then confirm the new password again. Tap on the Submit button to implement these changes.
  4. You can find our Privacy Policy on the Privacy Policy screen.
  5. Tap the Terms & Conditions to know more about our terms and conditions.
  6. Tap Logout icon to Logout from the application.

If you run in to any issues, please contact our support team.

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