What is your Pricing Model

UTunnel subscriptions are a great value for money. We offer two types of servers – On-Premise and Cloud server. Each server type comes with two subscription packages Basic and Standard. In both the cases, our pricing is based on the number of VPN Accounts you purchase for each server. However, the features of the Basic and Standard packages varies and you can select based on your requirement.

We have three types of instances for cloud servers – Micro, Small and Medium. The applicable charges will be levied in advance on a monthly basis. UTunnel offers coupons to its customers. Those who have a valid coupon can apply it while creating a server. Please note that the coupon will be valid only throughout the specified offer period.

We accept payments via credit card. Our payments are processed with absolute security. However, ensure that you had reviewed your payment credentials before submitting since the total amount will be charged from your credit card.

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